Less is More…Feeling Good about 2014

Organized Kitchen

It is a sunny Friday in Seattle….take advantage of today’s mood to start planning for the year ahead! Whether your goal in 2014 is purchasing a new house, or revamping your current home…getting organized makes either task less daunting and gives a general sense of joy. Simplifying your life begins with organizing what you have and getting rid of what you don’t need.  Apartment Therapy has great ideas and tips on how to get organized, one area at a time…which makes weekends a perfect time to get projects done. Their tips are helpful either for getting your home ready to stage to sell or for starting the year off, feeling like you are organized and ready for a great year ahead. Spring is when the market heats up…if you have any questions about the current market or are thinking about buying or selling, please contact us.

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Seattle, the Champions in so Many Ways…

Seahawks Space Needle

As most everyone in Seattle witnessed last Sunday and again at the victory parade on Wednesday, Seattle is on fire! We dominated the Super Bowl with our 43-8 win over the Denver Broncos and the victory celebrations of our 12th man were heard across the country. People may be taking a little more notice now about who Seattle is and realizing it is a pretty amazing city. Our Super Bowl Championship is just the beginning for Seattle…2014 is going to be a great year and that includes the Real Estate Market.  Interest rates hit a three-month low this week and while the rest of the country is expected to have a decline in property appreciation, our local markets are expected to blaze on and do the opposite.  If you want to know more about the upcoming Spring market, or are thinking about buying or selling, please contact us.                                                       

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A Bright Outlook for 2014’s Seattle Housing Market


We have a bright outlook for this year, with 2013 ending on such a positive note for the Seattle housing market. We are very optimistic that it is just going to continue to get better! Interest rates are predicted to remain low and we hope to continue to see more and more inventory come on the market, as the economy continues to recover and Seattle’s job market continues to grow at a rapid rate. Please contact one of our Brokers for any of your Real Estate needs or questions.

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Market forces

I live in Seattle with my husband Scott, my daughter Audrey and our Siamese cat Layla.  I have been interested in markets, all kinds of markets and even the forces that create markets for sometime. Seeing how there are so many markets in the world I will focus on just Seattle Markets.  That too is probably too many.  Ok, start with Real Estate Markets for the close in neighbourhoods of Seattle.  But sometimes I will not want to talk about Real Estate; it could feel like beating a dead horse or popping a huge helium balloon, too gross or too noisy. So I might like to talk about food, art, furniture, tech, restaurants, wine, water, street, free, garden, slave, media, money, fish, design, knowledge and anything else that comes to mind at the time of my next post.  Mostly it will be about Residential Real Estate for sale or lease.  That is what I do with most of my time when I am not bringing up Audrey, or living through my husband’s last golf game.  I like to golf too.  So there you have it, seattlemarkets all rolled into one place.  Read on.